About AAAA Driving School

Classes are open to all Iowa residents. All teens must have their permits BEFORE they can have behind the wheel driving instruction. Iowa teens must be 14 years of age to receive their permits.

Class Structure

  • 30 hours of in-class instruction.
  • 3 hour daily sessions with convenient start times.
  • 6 hours of back seat observation
  • 6 hours of driving
Past graduates have attended:

High Schools               


  • Davenport West
  • Assumption
  • Davenport Central
  • Davenport North
  • Muscatine
  • Bettendorf
  • Pleasant Valley
  • Cedar Rapids
  • Durant
  • Wilton
  • North Scott
  • Dewitt
  • Palmer
  • St. Ambrose
  • Blackhawk Community College
  • Scott Community College

Adult instruction also available.
Rates are $75 per hour for adults who require instruction in preparation for the IDOT Drive Test.


  • Night time driving experience for students.
  • No simulators
  • Student workbook provided
  • No charge for schedule changes
  • No charge for make up classes
  • FREE T-Shirt! Each student registered for class will receive a FREE AAAA Driving School T-Shirt.

Classroom Activities

  • Special presentation from Iowa Highway Patrol Trooper Dan Loussaert.
  • A presentation from ABATE of Iowa (http://www.abateiowa.org/) will make motorcycle awareness come alive for the students. The presentation includes videos, motorcycle clothing, firsthand experiences, and a discussion about motorcycles.
  • A presentation from Iowa Organ Donor Network.

Course Completion:

Students will receive an Iowa Certificate of Completion which must be submitted to the Iowa Driver Examiner's Office to obtain their license. AAAA Driving School Course of Instruction has been approved by the Iowa Department of Education and is licensed by the Iowa Department of Transportation to qualify teens to receive their intermediate license at age 16 or school license at age 14 ½. The state of Iowa has now gone paperless so the Certificate of Completion will now be uploaded directly to their site instead of being submitted manually.

Classroom Outline:

  1. IPDE and the Smith System
  2. Preparing to drive
  3. Rules of the road
  4. Basic vehicle control
  5. Lateral maneuvers and turns
  6. Natural Laws
  7. Highway driving
  1. Special conditions
  2. Evasive Actions
  3. Maintenance
  4. Alcohol and other drugs
  5. Vehicle failure
  6. Insuring your car
  7. Physical and mental impairments
  8. Planning trips

Behind the Wheel Lessons:

  1. Residential - 1
  2. Residential - 2
  3. Light traffic
  4. Moderate traffic
  5. One-ways
  6. Downtown
  1. Highways - 1
  2. Highways - 2
  3. Interstate - 1
  4. Interstate - 2
  5. North Park
  6. Evaluation